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CO2 Data

CO2e parts per million (ppm)

"The evidence that climate change is happening is completely unequivocal"

25 Mar 2013  Prof Sir John Beddington, UK Govt Chief Scientific Adviser


Jun: 415.26


Jan: 407.25


Mar: 404.83


Mar: 399.47


Apl:  398.35

Mar: 397.34

Feb:  396.80

Jan:  395.55


May: 396.78

Apr:  396.18

Mar:  394.45

Feb:  393.65

Jan:   393.15


Dec:  391.83

Nov:  390.21

1987: 350


Act. Now.

..the fossil-fuel industry, and this industry alone, holds the power to change the physics and chemistry of our planet, and they're planning to use it.

Act.Now..stop using fossil-fuels


"Big events throw their shadows upfront..CO2 now 400ppm at Artic.."

The time for action was quite some time ago, but now is still better than later..

"'s becoming unlikely that the world can achieve the European goal of limiting global warming to just 2 degrees based on increasing pollution and greenhouse gas levels " International Energy Agency May 2012

Global Warming is real and dangerous

“The climate is going the same ways as the banks. The world’s climate scientists, gathered in Copenhagen, explained we are facing “devastating consequences “ – not in some distant future, but in my lifetime and yours

" Unless we swerve fast, we are soon going to hit global temperatures that no human being has ever lived through. We don’t have much time "

By 2015, we will have belched so much carbon into the atmosphere that we will cross the point of no return: the climate will start to unravel as all its natural cooling processes break down one by one, guaranteeing we become hotter and hotter

Once we hit an average increase of 4Cº degrees, much of the world will become uninhabitable, and there will be vast wars for what remains..”

Johann Hari The Independent, 3 April 2009


" Release of even a fraction of the methane stored in the shelf could trigger abrupt climate warming .. if it continues the recent trend in sea ice loss may triple overall Artic warming, causing large emissions in carbon dioxide and methane from the tundra.. if sea-ice continues to contract rapidly over the next several years Artic land warming and permafrost thaw are likely to accelerate "

National Science Foundation, April 2011



Reduce your household's impact on the environment

- use renewable electricity




Read all about it !

Tim Flannery

David King

James Lovelock

Mark Lynas

Prof David Mackay

George Monbiot


..working with local communities to generate power, locally..


..decentralise, decarbonise..

Switch Off Fossil Fuels. Now.


" The power revolution isn't coming. It's here.

And communities need to be part of it "

Greg Barker, UK Climate Change Minister, June 2011


"Community engagement in the energy sector will be vital to our vision of the development of energy in the UK in the coming decades"

Greg Barker, Minister of State, Jan 2012


" I am planting the seeds for growth so we can see small scale energy generation flourish in homes, businesses and communities "

Climate Change Minister Greg Barket, 2010


"We face a gigantic challenge in the coming years to keep the lights on and energy bills down.. Local communities, with their energy, drive and innovation, are going to be at the heart of this effort.."

Chris Huhne, Climate Change Ministry, January 2012


" We are launching a revolution in energy-efficiency,

a once in a lifetime refit of our out-dated homes to make

them fit for 2050 "

UK Secretary of State Chris Huhne, October 2010

"Two out of three consumers think their home is wasting energy, but only one in three is going to do anything about it. That has to change. We need to get out there and show people what energy-efficiency can really do for them."

Ed Davey, UK Climate Change Minister, May 2012


" The time to act was a while ago, but now is far better than later "

James Hansen, NASA, 2011



localGen works as a community energy project manager to help local communities in Somerset to develop renewal energy projects and to set up Energy Descent Action Plans to increase the rate of reduction in consumption of energy in each community



localGen offers:

Community Energy Management

Enabling of Local Community Generation

Independent impartial advice on microgeneration

Technical & financial appraisals on Community Installations

Specialist finance sourcing for community energy projects

Independent Power Production Co-Finance

Power Purchase Agreement contracting

Energy Audits/Feasibility Studies

Data Monitoring and Control



" We need to get people to engage with climate security; to understand what it means to be climate resilient in an interdependent world. Because at the moment, it’s too easy to discount the danger

Climate change is something that can seem far away – not just in terms of distance, but also time. For people who don’t live on the climate frontline, talk of 2030 projections and 2050 pathways can make the threat seem remote.

But it’s not. In less than eight years time, we have to peak global emissions.. That will only be achieved through real change " Edward Davey, UK Secretary of State Energy & Climate Change, March 2012

" Thinking through the impacts of 4ºC of warming shows that the impacts are so significant that the only real Adaptation strategy is to avoid it at all cost because of the pain and suffering that it is going to cost ..There is no science on how we are going to adapt to 4ºC warming. It is really pretty alarming "

Prof Neil Adger, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research,  2010


.........................  Actions  ..............................


Increase to 250 MW from 1 MW

Somerset must increase its clean energy generation capacity from 1 MW to 250 2015. We can achieve this target by decentralising power supply and helping all local communities to generate power locally  more
Sustainable Energy Department , Somerset County Council



Microgeneration up 25% in buildings

The government’s target that 15% of total UK energy use is to come from renewable sources by the year 2020 will be achieved if almost 25% of the renewable energy input is generated from microgeneration in buildings, 34% from new build, and 66% from retrofit installations in existing homes  more
Renewable Advisory Board, 2020 Vision



Increase in renewable to 15% from 1.3%

The government's target is that the contribution of licensed electricity sales from renewables will have risen to 10% by 2010. The target for the South West is that by 2010 11-15% of licensed electricity will be produced from renewable sources. This is a challenging target as currently only 1.3% of electricity in the region is generated from renewable sources  more
Regen SW, renewable energy agency for the
South West of England



Energy crunch could cause household bills to jump to £2,000 a year

Ofgem has warned that household bills could jump by as much as 60 per cent by 2016 - which would see the average consumer paying almost £2,000 a year for gas and electricity

Ofgem chief executive Alistair Buchanan on the energy crunch said:

“A failure to act would risk shortages after 2015, with customers footing the bill for costly short-term solutions. We do not advocate change lightly, but all the facts point to the need for reforms now to provide resilient supply security. Without reform, there might be a degree of crisis in 2013 or 2014 the situation could then become quite uncomfortable”  more



Target: Solar PV on 10 million UK rooftops !!



" The science on climate change is getting more worrying, not less; the evidence over the last year has got stronger for anthropogenic climate change, and we really do have a limited window in which we have to move forward globally to get emissions down - If we don't do that we are going to lose any real prospect of holding temperatures to two degrees above pre-industrial levels regarded as the

danger threshold for the world "

UK Energy Minister, Chris Huhne, at the Cancun Climate Conference 2010


Demand Change. Act. Now.


" Even a "moderate" warming of 2ºC stands a strong chance of provoking drought and storm responses that could challenge civilized society, leading potentially to the conflict and suffering that go with failed states and mass migrations. Global warming of 2ºC would leave the Earth warmer than it has been in millions of years "


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